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I doubt, though, that she meant to take the name of the Final Solution in vain herself, if only because it relates to an entirely different ethnic and religious group of people.

The fact that she did, in the end, rephrase and delete the word “final” is something. One of Jeremy Corbyn’s least popular but most sensible stances is to say that the conflict in Syria today, as in Ireland in the past, cannot be dealt with militarily. Britain’s level of terror and violence is nowhere near what Northern Ireland experienced during the Troubles, and drawing parallels is of very limited use.

Maybe like some other prominent people in public life, Katie Hopkins isn’t that well-attuned to sensitivities about the Holocaust, and in particular the phrase “Final Solution”. She can also be attacked – I mean in reasoned debate, not physically or verbally – for the ideas that lie behind the remark, or at least what we must assume were the ideas behind the tweet: that is that there may be some military or semi-military “solution” to Islamist terrorism or some solution born out of a Trump-style ban on Muslims entering in Britain. Maybe, to be fair, Hopkins was thinking about the various education and de-radicalisation programmes that are going on in communities and prisons with a view to eradicating mindsets, not people.

If we simply become angry, as Katie Hopkins appears to, then we play into the terrorists' hands.

I have my doubts, though, given that she once termed refugees “cockroaches”.

Not for the first time, Katie Hopkins may well have revealed herself to be foolish, ignorant (in the literal sense), and a bit of an extremist herself.

While the likes of The Weeknd were said to have treated Selena Gomez with nothing but respect and love, her feelings for Justin still couldn’t be subdued; it seemed rather apparent that Selena would reunite with her ex-boyfriend sooner or later.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that The Weeknd was the one who dumped Selena Gomez, having allegedly been blindsided by the fact that she had been spending quality time with the Biebs on several occasions without his knowledge.

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