Cow dating games

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Cow dating games

Women who have no hang-ups about their own pleasure and who unapologetically enjoy male sexuality are often punished for it by being rejected, or even worse, labeled.

In this scenario, men are ironically dismissing women based on a superficial notion.

Never mind the fact that I might like sex, too, and that men might like marriage.

My own mother actually feared that the tragic fate of becoming an old maid would become my destiny if I didn’t play my cards just right.

Mind you, my boyfriend and I have never even discussed this topic and have yet to consider the possibility. As irritated as I was in the moment, it really just makes me sad.

Of course, I was completely stunned by her appalling belief in this archaic ideology to the point where I couldn’t even reply. Did she even understand the definition of gender stereotyping, much less modern dating? Now, however, I had a prepared response.“Mom,” I started, with a sassy determination to state my case.

My mother was essentially saying that a man would never want to marry me if I had sex with him or co­habited with him before marriage. “First of all, I would never want to marry a man whose only goal in marrying me was to get ‘free milk!

Awareness is our most powerful medicine.♦◊♦Let’s allow our behavior and our words to lovingly educate our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers across the world.

Deconstructing these paradigms and opening dialogues that allow our brains to evolve will certainly pave our most optimistic path in healing a society sore from the absorption of this “cow and milk” mentality.

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I am equally pleased to know a culture of men who are intellectual, compassionate, articulate, and sensitive.♦◊♦The concept that a man won’t marry a woman unless she withholds something valuable from him, primarily sex, completely degrades the character of men and paints this picture of masculinity as a heartless creature having no other organ than a penis.

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