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As she lay by the fire she suddenly felt the blade of a knife against her throat and Troy loomed over her with the weapon.'You're better than this,' she told him as he pulled the blade away and stormed away.

At the camp Nick woke up to find that Luciana had gone, leaving him just a note, as Madison and her group slowly trudged home.

After taking Madison and the group's weapons and shoes he forced them to walk back to the Broke Jaw Ranch and told them they would be giving back the land to his people.

The fifth episode of the third season, titled 'Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame' started with an elderly man called Russell waking up to find his infected wife, Martha, up and about, but with her false teeth removed she could not bite him.

In the truck Troy told her that he had not grieved for the loss of his mother and that there was no time for mourning.'If someone is dead they are dead, you know? All you can do is take out the a**holes that did you wrong,' he told her.Madison was soon overpowered by two infected and needed help to regain the upper hand before dispatching her attackers.'That's a beautiful, beautiful thing,' said Troy after they wiped out the infected quickly.After Alicia and Jake slept together he tried to hand her the book of poems 'Burning In Water, Drowning In Flame' by Charles Bukowski.'I used to love all of this, poetry and art, but now what is the point? Jeremiah then found Nick trying to repair the charred cabin and Jeremiah reminisced about living there before Nick handed over a charred photo of the couple.The killer of Travis Manawa was revealed as a native man called Walker on Sunday's episode of Fear The Walking Dead.Madison Clark discovered who shot down his helicopter as she carried out a dangerous mission with Troy, only to be captured by Walker and his armed group of snipers.

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But Russell, a founding father of the camp, soon ended things by shooting himself in the head as he held his wife in a tight embrace.