Dating game vs player

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Dating game vs player

Then probably you should tell him he was rude and find someone who isn’t so rude.” 2.

And we don't get to punish other members just because we don't like them or approve of them.

The whole point of online dating, and the reason it has value and merit as a relationship building tool, is that you can “meet” so many more potential mates than in real life, and you can determine fairly quickly who doesn’t suit you and weed them out.

This is particularly valuable if your interests lie in people who are not part of your local culture and country.

Maybe they didn’t handle their rejection of you as well as they might have, or maybe you’re not handling it as well as you should, but neither of those instances are cause for us to “punish” someone who is simply using the website for the reasons it was intended, which is to meet many possible people who are potential matches and out of all those people hopefully find the “one”.

Other reasons we receive complaints about members being “Game Players” are varied and plentiful, but Jasmine’s red alert list will give you insight into many of them.

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But the unfortunate side effect of that is that not only do you get to weed out 99 people of the 100 you meet before finding Mr.

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