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Or they may post a picture when they were thinner, so they can get more attention in the beginning.

“It's sad they don't realize that they aren't doing themselves any favors and they are actually hurting their own chances if they are really looking for a date or love and they are hurting other people.“ An act that we’ve probably all experienced or even been guilty of at some point, kittenfishing comes as the world of dating becomes more and more competitive.

Just remember: texting is not a secure connection and there’s no guarantee your date’s phone won’t fall into someone else’s hands. Compromise Compromise is actually a good thing when it comes to relationships because it means you value your partner’s emotions more than your own ego.

Do you really care whether you have Chinese or Italian tonight?

If you’re seeking a long-term relationship with someone who values you for all your unique qualities, 2017 is your year.

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Hint at what you want to do when you see each other next or snap a playful photo to surprise your date on their lunch break.

This is a good way to let your date know you’re thinking of them between dates.

In addition to a slew of niche dating sites, there are dozens of apps out there, including Tinder, Bumble, Once, Hinge, Grindr, and Coffee Meets Bagel.

These apps enjoyed their moments in the spotlight during 2016, but consumers are now so overwhelmed with options that they’ve opted to save their mobile data for more useful applications.

Defensive Behavior Daters are done with anyone who displays an unhealthy attitude.

The world of dating can be brutal and if you’re one of the singletons trying to navigate your way through the scene, the chances are at some point you’ve been ghosted, breadcrumbed or even benched.

But as if dating in the digital age of technology wasn’t hard enough, there’s a new term that could be putting your love life at risk and you’ve almost definitely experienced it without realising.

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Daters are slowly moving away from the “disposable” dating culture that doesn’t value personal contributions and are quietly embracing a more meaningful approach to romance.

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