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An exceptional specimen and the equal of the almost identical example (same color and plate area [i.e., same mold] though with a blowpipe pontil scar) sold in early 2010 at American Bottle Auctions for over a 00 (with commission). / DRAKES / 1860 / PLANTATION / X / BITTERS - This mold variation of the ubiquitous Drake's Bitters has the PATENTED / 1862 embossed totally on one (the center) roof panel on the reverse.Bottle acquired for and pictured on the Historic Bottle Website. This example is just over 10" tall, crudely applied "oil" type finish or lip (aka "long tapered collar), smooth base (no embossing), and dates from the heyday of the 6-log Plantations - 1865 to the late 1870s.It has a moderately deep blue aqua color with fluted shoulders, neck, and lower body, stands almost 11.5" tall, with a crudely applied two-part "mineral" finish or lip. Listed as Ring & Ham M-146 these bottles were apparently from Troy, NY and features the neat, boldly embossed pineapple (all the embossing is bold for that matter).This example (an ex-Heckler auction item) is in near perfect condition with no chips, cracks, noticeable scratches or staining; appears to have never been professionally to answer all your questions about Old beer / Soda cans, and ALL other Beer related items you have, discovered found, or inherited.Trying to establish values, understanding the grading scale,dating your items can be a daunting, exhausting task.

It has been professionally cleaned I believe (like most of them) but without an diminishment of the glass surface or beauty; looks like it was never buried.

5 "Pineapple Bitters" - These familiar shaped bottles are very popular with collectors for obvious reasons and this is an exceptional example. The base has a large (1.5" in diameter) and quite distinct pontil scar - a circular "disk" pontil scar which is an unusual pontil style for these bottles..unusual on American manufactured bottles for that matter.

This is the earlier example made from the same mold that was used for either the W & Co / N. Click base view to view this light but distinct pontil scar.

That is why we are here to take that stress away, and help you in a painless, honest, timely manner. There is some doubt if they were ever actually filled with beer.

Our appraisal services are completely free, and all your info will be kept in complete confidence. Not much is known about these cans, other than they all come from the same marketer. If you have any relevant info regarding their origins, I'd like to hear from you.

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