Dating and parkinsons disease

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“I Googled my symptoms and all it came up with was Parkinson’s disease,” she says.“Then I got upset and was really nervous.” The specialist reached the same conclusion—it was likely Parkinson’s, a chronic and progressive movement disorder.Weinschreider and Miller also both ended up joining forces with the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation—Weinschreider is an advocate for the PDF Women & PD Initiative, while Miller is a member of the PDF People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council—and both say it’s been incredibly helpful to know other people with their condition.But they also stress that their Parkinson’s doesn’t define them.Weinschreider also recently underwent surgery for “deep brain stimulation,” a treatment that uses a surgically implanted, battery-operated medical device to deliver electrical stimulation to targeted areas in the brain that control movement.The goal is to help block tremors and other Parkinson’s symptoms, and it can be reprogrammed each time Weinschreider visits her doctor.Parkinson's disease is often thought of as an "old man's illness," but it affects young women, too.

According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, only four percent of people with Parkinson’s are diagnosed before the age of 50, putting Weinschreider and Miller in a niche group.“I shared the news with friends and family right away,” she says.“I also made the decision at work to be open about it, particularly because people see me slightly limping and ask about it.” Miller admits that sometimes it can be “awkward and uncomfortable” to share her diagnosis, but overall people have been “so loving” and regularly ask how she’s doing. Both women are on medication for their Parkinson’s symptoms and regularly see specialists about their condition to make sure it’s under control as much as possible.Miller, then 39, eventually went to her primary care physician, who sent her to a variety of specialists for testing.During the process, it came out that she had been dragging one of her feet for 10 years and had started texting with her left hand, even though she was right-handed—symptoms she didn’t think were a big deal.

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“A lot of my good friends still don’t know, but I’ve gotten more open with it,” she says. I just want to be as normal as can be.”That extended to her romantic relationships as well.