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Dr John Reggars I am angered and I am embarrassed for the profession.

NARRATIONWill chiropractors become the new family doctor, and are they putting our children at risk?

Belinda Last week, Jade had an asthma attack and I rang quickly, and said, 'Can you fit her in? I didn't feel as if there was a lot of caring, or individual care at least, with the children.

NARRATIONWhere babies used to be rare patients, they're now common in a number of clinics.

Well, perhaps a brief history lesson may help explain where this came from.

NARRATIONChiropractic therapy was founded in 1895 by an American magnetic healer called 'DD Palmer'.

Emeritus Professor John Dwyer Much of modern chiropractic, unfortunately, has descended into the realm of quackery.

NARRATIONUniversities are being accused of teaching pseudoscience. NARRATIONThis has the medical fraternity up in arms.

NARRATIONTony Croke explains that even the slightest misalignment in the spine can act like a traffic jam in the central nervous system, and lead to disease. If there is a static, well, why haven't they shown it?Newborns and toddlers make up over a third of this chiropractor's client base.Man..areas of subluxation that I can feel there that are immediately improved after you adjust it like that.In chiropractic circles, it's called a 'subluxation'. If that is the mechanism, they've had all these years to describe it, to...Dr Tony Croke And so it's not necessarily that you have to compress the nerve root on the way out, but, in fact, the messages coming back in can be distorted because of that static in the nervous system travelling back upward. document it, to study it, to perform experiments on it. NARRATIONDr Michael Vaggr is a pain specialist, and disagrees with the chiropractic theory about traffic jams in the central nervous system.

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