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Inmate dating online

Reached for comment late Tuesday, Bret Grote, one of Johnson's lawyers, said he was "elated," and called the corrections department's characterization of Johnson as an unapologetic escape artist conjecture."The speculative concerns raised by [corrections officials] I think have been rebutted by nearly 30 years of impeccable conduct," he said.Jones' mother said Thursday that she was excited about the news of Obama's commutation and wasn't aware that it was rejected. I'm looking for my son to come home," said Ruth Jones, of Lubbock, Texas.Unlike pardons, which represent a full legal forgiveness for a crime, commutations can shorten a prison sentence while leaving other consequences intact.

President Bill Clinton imposed conditions in 34 cases, usually insisting on drug testing.But inmate records that Jones submitted as part of his court case show that he used crack cocaine weekly in the year before his arrest, and that drug treatment programs he's completed in the past have been unsuccessful.The Bureau of Prisons describes its Residential Drug Abuse Program as its most intensive treatment program, where offenders are separated from the general population for nine months while participating in four hours of community-based therapy programs each day.​Jones, 50, is in a low-security federal prison in Beaumont, Texas.The unusual rejection came to light last week, when Obama commuted the sentences of 102 more federal inmates.

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3, 22% of the commutations Obama has issued have required drug treatment.

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