Updating clause used in instead of trigger example

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This can only be specified for constraint triggers.

An optional comma-separated list of arguments to be provided to the function when the trigger is executed. Simple names and numeric constants can be written here, too, but they will all be converted to strings.

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It's great to get the extra features, but it makes it harder to nail down exactly what you can and cannot do with views.

Views have never in the past been able to contain parameters; however, as shown later in the chapter, user-defined functions can now be used like views, effectively allowing you to create parameterized views that return different results depending on the parameter values that get passed in each time the function is run.

The SQL-92 standard also mandates that views cannot be sorted with an values with a view; to support that, it also supports sorting.

This is the same as a regular trigger except that the timing of the trigger firing can be adjusted using SET CONSTRAINTS. They can be fired either at the end of the statement causing the triggering event, or at the end of the containing transaction; in the latter case they are said to be deferred.

A pending deferred-trigger firing can also be forced to happen immediately by using The name to give the new trigger.

has completed); or instead of the operation (in the case of inserts, updates or deletes on a view).

If the trigger fires before or instead of the event, the trigger can skip the operation for the current row, or change the row being inserted (for conditions, although the feature is not so useful for them since the condition cannot refer to any values in the table.

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To return the top 10 customers or the top 10% of customers, based on sales over the past year, SQL Server needs to sort customers by sales.