Brasilian video chat sex

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Brasilian video chat sex

In São Paulo, which will stage the tournament’s first game, I found girls as young as 11 being sold to construction workers building the new stadium where England play Uruguay on 16th June.

A Brazilian government report found that along its 2,700 miles, there are at least 262 places where children are known to be sold for sex – or one, on average, every ten miles.

One 14-year-old girl told how she had been drugged and taken to a prostitution house in the centre of Manaus, from where she eventually managed to escape.

‘There were lots of rooms and I saw other children, they were crying a lot,’she said.

The young girl in Fortaleza was one of many child prostitutes I met during recent trip there, openly selling their bodies near beaches which will be packed with football fans during the tournament.

Many told me that the police know they are underage but do nothing.

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Just next door to the purpose-built stadia are slums that are home to some of the 250,000 children caught in Brazil’s sex trade.

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