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Its my request to all of you that please be decent and respectful towards everyone who is present in Chat Room.

If possible then try to invite your friends too so that they may join you and other Chatters which in turn will also encourage me to bring more and more facility for my Chat Room users.

Due to higher studies now-a-days I am not getting sufficient time to Chat but whenever Its possible I try to enter my chat room, it really gives a lot of satisfaction and pleasure to watch friends chatting happily in groups in my Chat Room.

Thats the main thing for what I tried to open a Chat Room.

It turned out nearly 3 hours since we started our chat.

Later we also shared phone numbers and we moved one step further in our relationship of friendship.

Its nearly 2 years since then when we met each other.

Our friendship is still strong and No doubt that we both got a true lifetime friend in the form of each other.

In some cases, this results in errors that were in the original program being left in.

Occasionally, it was necessary to fix errors in the source because the programs would not even load, such as missing quotes, which many Basics will not allow.

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I also found that the games have been modified from the original book form.

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