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The name of the pottery manufacturer and an approximate date of manufacture can be discovered if the piece of pottery has a backstamp or the silver item has a hallmark.A makers mark that they have learned over many years spent researching and studying antique marks.Some potteries were quite creative in their labelling, for example, Minton used a variety of symbols such as stars and swans to represent different years.One of the best online resources for identifying vintage china (and often the first site we consult) is So how do you date pieces that don’t have a mark providing the year of manufacture?Many potteries changed the format and style of their back stamps several times during their period of operation.

However, few collectors, buyers or sellers have the ability to memorise all china marka, signatures or number codes used on antiques.4 x Royal Memorabilia Plates – Marriage of the Prince of Wales, Lady Diana (Royal Tuscan, cert), Wedding of Princess Anne to Capt Phillips, Aynsley Celebration Queen Mother’s 100th Birthday and Silver Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II, Commemoration plate of Gipsy Moth IV yacht & framed Photo of Queen (6) More details Two commemorative vases and covers, one by Coalport “The Marriage of The Prince of Wales…” No. CONDITION REPORT: Both vases and covers are in good order with no obvious faults.4/250, 25cm and another by Aynsley “The Golden Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II”, No 8/00, 23cm (2) More details A pair of Aynsley twin handled vases and covers, each decorated with still lives of fruit, printed signature "D. There are no obvious signs of crazing to the glaze on either vase.What few people are aware of is that it’s not just the name of the company such as moorcroft, rookwood, worcester or doulton that may be there, but also a number of other things used by the manufacturer, designer or artists and placed in or around the mark itself. The company name itself only gives the appraiser a rough timeline of when the company was known to operate.Other factors such as the colour of the mark, how it’s applied or the numbered codes within the design can often date a piece to the exact year it was produced and tell you where or who the specific artist was.

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