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They went on to have a string of secret dates and have grown close.

He regularly arranges for her to fly to the US so they can spend time with each other. Our source said: “Things have been going really well between Floyd and Abi.“They’ve got to know each other really well and like each other a lot.

But before the biggest fight of his career another, darker aspect of his life outside the ring is resurfacing.

Mayweather has a Since 2002 Mayweather has been accused of violence against women with alarming frequency.

on a night in September 2010 to find Mayweather talking to their two sons.

He pleaded guilty in two of those incidents, and in another he was convicted only to have the charges dismissed four years later. Over a five-month span in 20 he pleaded guilty to two counts of battery domestic violence, a search of his criminal record on the Clark County website shows.

The most recent incident, in which he hit his ex-girlfriend in front of two of their children at 5 a.m. He received 48 hours of community service and two days of house arrest.

It had a note attached that read: “F*** The Mayweathers”, a phrase often chanted by Mc Gregor fans.

A source close to the babe said: “It has been a real-life nightmare for Abi.

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