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Like Becky, while she gets little attention from boys at school, in cyberspace there’s no shortage of admirers.Despite her young age, she has slept with five men ranging in age from 18 to 31, and had cybersex with many more.She is believed to have jumped after one person tried to sever contact with her, because she was under-age.Professor Andrew Phippen, who led the research, believes such early exposure to sex as a soulless transaction — where pictures of body parts are traded over the internet like currency — distorts young women’s views of sex and relationships.Becky’s story is all the more alarming as she is not only from a loving home, but also a good student who achieved As and Bs at GCSEs.

But Becky is now choosing to speak out because, when she eventually told her friends about the mistakes she had made, it transpired that she was far from the only one who had become involved with strangers over the internet.When the Mail went on to two of the most popular free dating websites, Plenty of Fish and OK Cupid, their true nature quickly became clear.When we posted pictures of a respectably dressed Daily Mail writer under a false name, the profile attracted more than 70 messages within an hour from men wishing to indulge in sex — cyber or real.Worryingly, while the sites are intended for over 18s, neither conducted verifiable age checks.With the online porn and dating industries exploding — the latter is worth £2.5 billion worldwide — experts are increasingly worried that extreme, and often risky, sexual behaviour among young people is being normalised by the internet.

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Now she wants to help expose the appalling reality of the online traps awaiting teenage girls.

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