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'Despite the toxic dynamic, at the end of the day they had been through a lot together and they had each other.

They clearly loved each other deeply.'Then on April 17, 2003, Masha died of a heart attack - even then Dasha refused separation, perhaps out of her own need to stay close to her sister, or out of loyalty.

After making an appeal on television, the sisters moved to a Home for Veterans of Labour with greatly improved living conditions.

Ms Butler says that despite their sad lives, the sisters were an inspiration.'I wanted to write the book to show people how sweet Dasha was. 'In the end I noticed how Dasha stood up to Masha and put her in her place more.

As adults, the women had blocked out the trauma of their earlier childhood, according to Ms Butler.'It was myself who told Dasha and Masha that they had been subject to these cruel experiments from birth until the age of six, when I found out about them,'They said they couldn't remember.The girls shared a blood system but had separate nervous systems - so were seen as ideal subjects for research.Treated as medical guinea pigs they were burnt, frozen, starved, electrocuted, kept forcibly awake and injected with radioactive and other toxic substances in the name of 'science'.The twins were institutionalised for much of their lives but their horrific story has now been revealed in full for the first time by journalist Juliet Butler.Ms Butler befriended Masha and Dasha and said despite sharing the same genetics, horrific childhood and all of their lives the same lower body - the sisters had wildly different personalities.

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Dasha and Masha were taken away to a medical institute in the Moscow region, the Academy of Medical Sciences Pediatric Institute, to be used as medical guinea pigs.

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