Updating time capsule

Posted by / 29-Sep-2017 18:47

Updating time capsule

I restarted our cable modem, plugged in the new Apple wifi router, and had everything running in literally a few minutes.

The final reason a new Apple Time Capsule wifi router is the best home wireless connectivity solution for our family is Time Machine software.

A few years ago I tried to do a backup using Carbonite, but I could never get a full backup to complete.

(It kept timing out due to how much data we needed to backup, and probably our slower home wifi setup and ISP’s upload speed limits.) Over the years I’ve also dabbled with remote backups using Jungle Disk (saving to Amazon S3) as well as Spider Oak.

After upgrading to the new 6th Gen/latest Airport Extreme / Time Capsule wifi router, my 2011 Mac Book Air connects at twice the speed: 300 Mbit/s.

If I was using a newer Mac Book Air, like my brother in law, that link speed would jump to an incredible 1 Gbit/s.

If you can tell me about Vilya without looking it up online you deserve a special star.

🙂 See Cisco’s infographic about the Io T for more statistics about this.

This means no one was required to re-enter a wifi password to access our network.

Again my brother-in-law’s advice and experiences were influential on me.

I’m embarrassed to say I have NOT been “good” about backing up my laptop data and other data our family uses “to the cloud” in the past few years, and I know I need to do this.

The move from a 2nd Gen Air Port Extreme (released in 2007) to the 6th Gen Airport Time Capsule (released in 2013) turns out to be a HUGE jump in wireless capability.

Apple advertises on their website that the newest Airport Extreme / Airport Time Capsule offers “up to 3 times faster wifi.” Whether that turns out to be true depends on the type of wifi card and antenna in your wireless device(s).

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Gartner predicted in a September 2014 study that by 2022, because of “connected devices” (the Internet of Things – Io T) a typical home could have 500 devices connected online.