Sedating triple warmer

Posted by / 26-Nov-2017 03:29

One person with Stage 4 cancer that had metastasized throughout her body actually called and asked me if she could take only one supplement (and without even radically changing her diet and lifestyle) to cure herself of cancer!

When I first moved there, they were predominately meat eaters, living off the land. But for them, they thrived with scant degenerative disease.

We are all different, and the same food may have opposite effects in two different people.

A seminar by Hal Kristal, DDS, of California, confirmed what I had discovered.

When his wife became very ill, he tried the same diet on her and she became much sicker and almost died until he tried a last-ditch effort of giving her a lot of meat. You might have heard that everyone needs to alkalinize their bodies to recover from cancer by eating certain alkaline foods.

Some types, such as parasympathetic dominant people, are actually too alkaline and need to be acidified!

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Then, two years ago, I was given a rare book thats now out of print called Nutrition and Your Mind by Dr. He found (two decades before Wiley) the same findings Wiley published (that meat is alkalinizing).