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Dating borderline personality disorder man

Know you deserve to be treated well, or at least tell yourself that until you believe it.

Avoid things that may cause you to indulge in impulsive behaviour, try picking up a simple hobby (I love drawing) or buying a plant (something you need to care for when you don’t feel like caring for yourself).

Be it a friend, parent, partner, or colleague – someone who can support you if you need it while you start thinking about your own self-care plan.

It’s a cruel fact that people still experience stigma around their mental health, but in my experience when someone cares for you, they will want to know about your diagnosis – not so they can be judgmental, but so they can help you.

But start telling yourself you are worth it, because this is true and you will go on to prove this to yourself every day.

The following material was written for individuals trying to recover from a relationship that's had toxic consequences for them, and is not intended as a support resourse for Borderlines or anyone with BPD traits.

What many people don’t tell you when you think you may have a mental illness is that you could be misdiagnosed multiple times before you finally settle on the correct diagnosis.

Let this be the basis of your care plan for yourself.All my significant, lengthy relationships have been harmonious and loving.These were the right men at the right time, and we enjoyed mutual admiration and respect.It took me until I was 21 to be correctly diagnosed, but I started experiencing symptoms from the age of 12.When people finally receive the correct diagnosis, it can lead to mixed feelings.

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If you suspect that you have these traits, please leave this website and redirect your attention to Admittedly, I had a challenging time starting to write this article, because the bulk of people who contacted me about their BPD relationships had been men, but I kept getting letters from females who said, "what about us~ why aren't you writing about encounters with narcissistic or borderline disordered males, and they taught me about what to avoid.